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New York Post Review: Bending Steel

Published on April 24, 2013 by New Yok Post

Focus on Tribeca: The Coney Island Strongman gets an update in ‘Bending Steel’

Queens native Chris Shoeck, 45, has spent much of his life in isolation, but in the documentary “Bending Steel,” he decides to undertake a new journey surprisingly dependent on crowd approval — becoming an old school Strongman. The movie follows Schoeck as he develops his craft — essentially showing metal who’s boss — and works toward the dream of performing at Coney Island. But while Schoeck grows in strength, it’s his emotional journey from a shy, anxious man to a true performer that’s captivating audiences at Tribeca Film Festival screenings this week.

We spoke with the film’s director, Dave Carroll, producer Ryan Scafuro and of course, the strongman himself, Chris Schoeck.[...]


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